Artonit's Painting Comes to Life.

Generally an artist paints based on a source of inspiration from real life. However, it was the complete opposite in this story. Instead, real life was inspired by the artist's work.

Sergio Escalona, Founder and Artist of Artonit Cosmetics, joined forces with Houston Photographer, Tiffany Cintron, and Hair Stylist, Orlando Castellanos, to recreate his paintings. The first recreation is The Duchess of Mares, Oil on Canvas 24 x 30 created at L' Atelier De Artonit, back when he used to paint at the back of the studio. This character was birthed from the imagination of the artist and the bedtime stories his mom used to tell him and his siblings.

The Duchess of Mares Photography: Tiffany Cintron

Below is Escalona's actual work of art.

The Duchess of Mares Painting by Sergio Escalona Oil on Canvas 24 x 30

This particular artwork has been incorporated in a series of luxurious refillable compacts with two inserts. One may be used for your face powder or bronzer. The second will be an eyeshadow and blush refillable collection which will carry the new colors to be launched Fall of 2019.

SNEAK PEAK from top left to right. Pierre (Matte), Tamara (Iridescent), Celeste (Iridescent) and Pignataro (Matte) .

The Artistic compact is a beautiful portable piece of art. Convenient as you can carry multiple beauty products in one fabulous case. These metal compacts are truly beautiful, fun and breathtaking. The Duchess eyeshadow palette is so versatile. The best part is that you can choose between a blush or a new phenomenon eyeshadow.

The incarnation of The Duchess would not have been possible without Model Haley Fountain. The similarities with this surreal character are truly astounding.

Model: Hayle Fountain

Makeup & Hair at L'Atelier De Artonit

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