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The Art: Les Chats de Ballet Noel
The Artist: Elizabeth Hinson 

Les Chats de Ballet Noel | Warm

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  • The Story: Most of my inspiration for "Les Chats de Ballet Noel" comes from memories of my childhood. Ever since the first time I watched professional ballerinas dance in The Nutcracker, I wanted to do the same. I fell in love with the music, magical scenery, and costumes. My best friend and I auditioned with the Houston Ballet Academy as young children, and were both accepted. After auditioning for The Nutcracker and not making it, I was disappointed, but quickly got over it and turned my energy toward art and music. I still love ballet, and have a huge nutcracker collection, but art is now my true passion! The holidays always remind me of wanting to be in the Nutcracker as a child, and the music reminds me of practicing in the ballet studio with my dear best friend. Last holiday season I created "Les Chats de Ballet Noel" as I was listening to music from The Nutcracker. Of course I had to make the main subject my cat character, inspired by my cat Einstein, and I'm supposed to be the cat in the middle that is turning the wrong direction! Meow!~ EHW